Defy Amine 4

Defy Amine 4 herbicide is intended for selective control of many broadleaf weeds in certain crops, orchard floors, fallow cropland, forests, grass pastures, rangeland, Conservation Reserve Program acres, ornamental turf, non-cropland, and aquatic areas.

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Adama Direx 4L Herbicide is an excellent herbicide that provides selective control of weeds in crops and nonselective weed control on non-cropland sites. Contains diuron as its active ingredient which is mainly used in targeting and controlling weeds and mosses on non-crop areas and agricultural crops. It can be applied pre-plant, pre-emerge, or post direct, offering flexible application methods. The Adama Direx 4L Herbicide is specially formulated as a liquid flowable so it is easy to handle and convenient to use. It is proven to control weeds including crabgrass, pigweed, ragweed, wild mustard, pennycress, foxtail, horseweed, pokeweed, annual ryegrass, chickweed, and johnsongrass. Highly effective in managing Palmer pigweed or horseweed in cotton that is resistant to glyphosate. This herbicide is long-lasting, offering high-quality control of up to three and a half weeks. Safe to use because it is noncorrosive to equipment, nonvolatile, and nonflammable. For best results, apply the herbicide within two weeks before rainfall since moisture is required in activating the herbicide. Available in a 2.5-gallon jug container.

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2.5 gallon

Active Ingredient(s)

2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, Dimethylamine salt


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